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Peak Performance in Operations

Management Technologies has extensive experience over the past 20 years in helping customers drive waste out of their manufacturing operations. We leverage industry best-practice methods and our own experiences to achieve concrete results.

  • The Forum Concept

We have developed a uniquely structured offering titled the "Peak Performance Forum Series" that combines classroom training, on-site coaching and executive direction into a high-impact, three-month effort. At the conclusion of the three-months, tangible operational improvements are evident.

  • How It Works

Each Peak Performance Forum Series has between 3 and 5 participating facilities. Two representatives from each facility meet for 7 full-day, classroom training sessions where critical process improvement techniques are taught. In between training sessions, a Management Technologies professional visits each facility to coach them on the techniques that are taught and ensure successful implementation within that facility. As the 3-month effort progresses, concepts are leveraged and built upon, culminating in the successful implementation of a key manufacturing process.

  • The Series Modules

Our Peak Performance Forum Series for operations consists of five initial modules, which focus on the critical areas of Equipment Reliability and Process Flow (Lean):

Focused Improvement Module
Planned Maintenance Module
Autonomous Maintenance Module
TPM Pilot Implementation
Introduction to Lean Concepts