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Peak Performance in Operations -
The Series Modules


Focused Improvement Module

Identify and prioritize a substantial list of improvement opportunities throughout the facility. Focus on and implement two of these improvements, leveraging techniques geared at identifying root cause and sustaining the improvement over the long term.

Planned Maintenance Module

Implement effective planned maintenance concepts geared towards minimizing unplanned downtime. Focus on a pilot area, while securing the knowledge to independently expand the program throughout the facility without additional consulting assistance.

Autonomous Maintenance Module

Learn to take full advantage of the experience within your organization by empowering all team members to strive towards equipment effectiveness. We have worked effectively in both union and non-union operations to successfully implement these concepts.

TPM Pilot Implementation

Working with plant personnel we will customize our comprehensive "checkpoint" phased TPM implementation plans to each clients unique facility. As plant Facilitator's are being trained we will begin coaching implementation in a pilot area of the facility. This effort will provide plant facilitators with valuable hands-on experience with the TPM process as well as insights to overcoming inhibitors that may arise during the pilot. Accordingly, these personnel will become very effective "Change Agents" supporting and assisting implementation throughout the plant.

Call for additional detail on Training Class Agenda's and the objectives of onsite coaching. Our programs can also be customized to focus on a clients most pressing needs early in the process.