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MT provides the following TPM, Six Sigma and Lean services:

Plant TPM Six Sigma and Lean Advisors

  • Conduct current state analyses
  • Develop plant TPM, Six Sigma or Lean implementation plans
  • Provide TPM, Six Sigma or Lean training
  • Coach TPM coordinators, Six Sigma Greenbelts, Lean facilitators and shop floor teams
  • Conduct TPM and Lean excellence checkpoint reviews

Peak Performance Forums

  • Training of your company facilitators along with those from several other companies as a group
  • Follow-up on-site customized assistance by MT Coaches
  • Lays the foundation for successful self-directed TPM or Lean processes

TPM, Six Sigma and Lean Training Development

Client Forums and Newsletters

  • Plan, Organize and Coordinate Worldwide TPM Forums
  • Research and Produce Corporate TPM Newsletters