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Process Improvement

Reduced soap waste by 96%

A major soap manufacturer reduced waste by 96% on one line by applying TPM Principles and using One-Point lessons.

38% decrease in cost per coil                                                                           An epoxy line at a Fortune 500 company applied TPM Principles and teamwork to achieve the following results...

  • Decreased scrap by $95,000 annually
  • Decreased cost/coil by 38%, increasing profits proportionally
  • Labor & overhead reductions surpassed first year objectives by almost $550,000
  • OEE at 85% (World Class!)

Increased Capacity by 88% and Profit by $19 Million

A major automotive trim plant used TPM and process improvement teams to achieve the following results:

  • Equipment up time approaching 95%
  • Parts capacity increased from 800K/year to 1.5 million/year, in two years
  • Paint line profits increased by $19 million in three years

Other Significant, Documented Results
  • Engine Plant - Demonstrated a 35 to 0.8 scrap rate reduction and a 45% increase in overall efficiencies

  • European Plastic Injection Molding - Reduced costs to generate $520,600 in annual savings

  • Liquid Packaging Lines - Enjoyed a 600% reduction in changeover and recovery time

  • Paint Facility - Achieved a $95,000 decrease in scrap and $547,000 in direct overhead savings while doubling production volume

  • Detergent Packaging Lines - Made step-change to a 40% improvement in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

  • Case Palletizer - Improved to effect a 25% increase in capacity

  • Liquid Perfume Process - Achieved a 625% reduction in changeover and recovery time

  • Air Compressor - Improved efficiency to net $110,000 savings in electricity and $250,000 in capital cost avoidance