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Training Development and Delivery

"The Quick Setup and Changeover Workshop was very good! One of the few courses where practice and theory were combined with exercises. Excellent work by the instructor." (Craig Robertson, TPM Manager, Lever-Ponds, Canada)


"The Autonomous Maintenance Workshop has the best training workbook I've seen. Very knowledgeable instructor... kept the course on track." (Dennis Ray, Manufacturing Manager, Unilever HPC - USA)


"The Quick Setup and Changeover Workshop was very informative and made enjoyable by the instructor." (Ramesh Bhat, Quality Control and TPM Manager, Sanden International)


"This workshop gave me a real strong feeling of what it will take to get Autonomous Maintenance on the right course and keep it there." (Donald Linn, Engineering Supervisor, Replication Department, Sony Music Entertainment)


"I am very impressed with the results of the Autonomous Maintenance Workshop, and will recommend it to others. The instructor's presentation of material was excellent." (Jerry Childress, Packaging Operations Supervisor, Fuji Photo Film, Inc.)